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free tool to run ARV analysis

Receive Access to a Free Tool to Run Your ARV Analysis.

Interested in the BRRRR strategy or flipping properties? Click the link to learn how you can access a free tool to run your own ARV analysis and stay ahead of your competition.

Are you a real estate investor (seasoned or new to the game) interested in pursuing the BRRRR strategy or flipping properties? No matter your investment strategy, we want to partner with you to help you reach your goals and grow your portfolio through our local knowledge and property management expertise.


At Intrigue Property Management, we recognize that our clients need every possible resource and advantage at their disposal in order to be successful in obtaining their investment goals. Constantly having to ask your agent with help for ARV (after repair value) can really make investors feel like they are at a disadvantage when it comes to analyzing deals quickly.


For this reason, we wanted to offer our clients an additional solution for analyzing property ARVs without having to wait for your real estate agent to get back with you. We utilize a powerful tool that we can provide you with access to so that you can get the ball rolling and run your own ARV analyses.


Once you use this method to identify a potential investment property, we are always more than happy to provide our expert analysis on ARV, market rent rate, and rehab cost, and ultimately help you write the winning offer.

Intrigue Indy Zenlist Demo Run Your Own ARV.png

If you are interested in checking out this tool, setting up some of your own custom searches, or running your own ARV analyses (it's free), click the link below to get started.

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