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Our Management Criteria.

We manage in 

ANY neighborhood.
ANY rent rate.

We believe that properties in every neighborhood can make a great home for someone when they are properly maintained. We don’t limit our services based on home rent rates or certain areas of the city. We will manage any home in A-D areas in the Indianapolis market in livable, move-in ready condition.

Experts in Property Management

How We ...
Define move-in ready condition.
We want people living in homes that you would want to live in! A "move-in ready" property, often a single-family or multifamily, is a unit ready for immediate occupancy. This entails having functional systems (like plumbing and electricity), structurally sound components, operational appliances, and a clean, well-maintained appearance. In this condition, no major repairs or renovations are necessary, and occupants can comfortably move in without delay.
Approach property management.
We're local experts. We're not a national chain but a community-focused, family-run business. We live where we manage properties, ensuring a personal connection to the Indy market. Our tenants have our team's personal cell numbers, reflecting our commitment to exceptional service.
Excellent service.
While we might not be the cheapest property management solution, we believe in delivering quality that matches the investment. In this industry, you truly get what you pay for, and we're dedicated to offering the highest level of service to our clients.
Personally partner with our clients.
Our dedicated team of property managers is here to serve as your boots-on-the-ground partners. In a time dominated by automation and impersonal communication, we prioritize direct communication to efficiently handle tasks, manage properties, and maintain a strong rapport with our tenants and clients. Our mission is to get your property cash flowing with minimal headaches.
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