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'Indy Fresh Market' New Grocery Store Comes to Northeast Indy

Indy Fresh Market

Like most major metros, Indianapolis is known for having “food deserts” located throughout the city. A food desert is defined as an area with at least 500 people, or 33 percent of the population, living more than 1 mile from the nearest supermarket.

Finally some good news, especially if you own property in the area of town known as “Northeast Indy.” A new grocery store comes to Northeast Indy. Cook Medical has partnered with the community, including IMPACT Central Indiana, to build the "Indy Fresh Market" grocery store on the northwest corner of 38th Street and Sheridan Avenue. The 14,000 square foot store will provide additional jobs and opportunities for education, as well as a much-needed source of food. The store is expected to be opened in Winter of 2023.

This area of town has undergone a dramatic change in recent years as it has been revitalized thanks to the efforts of United Northeast Community Development Corporation (UNECDC) and several other local organizations. With all the revitalization and the addition of Indy Fresh Market, Northeast Indy is becoming a better neighborhood for investment properties than previously considered.

Reach out to us for more information about this growing and changing neighborhood.


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