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Interested in leasing one of our available properties? Check out some Frequently Asked Questions below about renting a home with Intrigue Property Management.

Interested in renting one of our available properties? Take a look at some frequently asked questions below. Reach out to our Leasing Manager with any additional questions or to schedule a showing.

  • How do you determine the best rate for my rental property?
    At Intrigue Property Management, we have an in-depth understanding of the rental market and the rent rates of different neighborhoods. Our team will review your property with you and consider local market trends and competition before deciding the best rate to maximize your ROI. Curious about the different areas and what rental properties look like in each area? Check out the neighborhood investor map we have put together.
  • What steps do you take to screen tenants?
    Our tenant screening process is thorough and compliant with local and national laws. We consider tenant credit, criminal background, and rental history to determine the best tenant for your property. For more info on our specific minimum requirements, click here.
  • What if a tenant stops paying rent?
    Our property managers will take immediate action to ensure your income is not affected. We'll communicate with the tenant to get them on their lease and take legal action if necessary to protect your interests.
  • Are you able to assist with HOA-related matters?
    Yes, we can provide full support in HOA-related matters, including scheduling inspections and handling fines. Our team is experienced in managing compliance and providing guidance for owners who are part of HOAs.
  • Are all of your property managers fully licensed?
    Our property managers are fully licensed and insured. They undergo specific training in property management, best-in-class leasing practices, and customer service to ensure you get the best possible outcome.
  • What other services do you provide?
    In addition to comprehensive property management and leasing services, we specialize in tenant placement and eviction proceedings. Contact our team to learn more about our full range of services.
  • What happens if a tenant is late with the rent?
    Rent is considered late after the 1st of each month, with reminders sent to tenants. Late fees are applied from the 5th. Additional daily late fees are possible. Exceptions are made for inherited tenants. Alternative late fee policies can be automated based on owner preferences.
  • Why should I invest in Indianapolis?
    Indianapolis, IN is a continually growing economy with an affordable housing market and strong rental demand. There are several resources available to help our investor clients get started, and the city continues to see consistent housing appreciation.
  • What do you charge for evictions?
    We don't charge anything. We refer each eviction case to our partner attorney (we still participate in providing any needed documentation and information) that charges our clients $200/hour. Most evictions end up costing our clients $300-500.
  • Do you provide services for "renting out a portion (bedroom/basement) of a residence?"
    We don't support renting out portions of a shared residence. We only offer long-term leases, typically for 6 months or more. For short-term rentals, we can refer you to our expert partners. Alternatively, we can assist in leasing the property as a long-term furnished rental, allowing you to leave furniture and charge a higher rent rate.
  • What types of properties do you manage?
    We provide property management services for the following properties: Single-Family Homes Duplexes Condominiums Townhouses Multi-Family Residences Apartment Buildings Commercial Properties, including office and retail HOA Management for Neighborhoods
  • What is the rate for your property management services?
    Our rate is 10% of each month's rent rate, and additional charges such as late fees, pet fees, are passed through to owners in full. If the owner has 10 units or more under Intrigue Property Management, this rate is decreased to 8%.
  • How do you handle maintenance and repairs?
    We coordinate all repairs and maintenance using our network of qualified vendors. Repairs & Maintenance is included in our Property Management services and is treated as a pass through expense.
  • Do you charge a monthly fee even when the property is not being rented?
    We do not. Our property management fee (% of monthly rent) is only applied to 'collected rent.' When your property is not producing income for you, it isn't producing income for us either.
  • How long are typical contracts?
    Our management agreements are perpetual, meaning no specific end date; Contracts can be terminated by either party without cause within 45 days notice at any time. Our goal is to keep clients happy without lengthy contracts or termination fees.
  • How often do you check in on tenants and properties?
    Check-ins occur as often as maintenance calls/preventative maintenance activities allow. We also perform walkthroughs during a tenant's initial move-in and when the tenant is moving out.
  • How would my rental property be posted/listed?
    When we market our rentals, we syndicate them on 40+ reputable rental websites such as Zillow, Hot Pads, Trulia, etc., in addition to being marketed on and through our social media channels (FB and IG).
  • Do you charge a Property Setup Fee?
    Nope! You don't pay anything up front for our property management or leasing services!
  • What areas of Indianapolis do you manage properties?
    We manage properties in all areas in the greater Indianapolis area and surrounding suburbs–up to one hour from the city center. When in doubt, connect with our team and we can tell you if we'll be able to service your property.
  • How does rent collection work?
    We collect rent through our online, secure tenant portal, making setting up automatic payments easy. We also allow tenants to pay by mail via check or money order if they are unable to access the online tenant portal. Our property management fee of 10% (unless you have reached 10 or more units under management with us and are receiving our volume discount of 8%) will be withheld and then you receive the rest of the payout for that month.
  • How do you handle property upkeep and maintenance? How involved do I need to be?
    We suggest granting us authority to handle repairs under $500 without approval for quicker resolution of minor maintenance issues. This allows you to balance involvement while minimizing urgent communications. However, you as the client have complete control to set this threshold. We work with clients who set this threshold at all different levels, including under $500 and some well above. No matter where you set this maintenance threshold, we will be in communication with any and all issues that arise at your property.
  • How soon do you have availability to start working?
    Whenever the property is ready! We can usually come out to do a property walkthrough and/or take listing photos within 24-48 hours. Ready to start onboarding? Start filling out our new client form. It takes less than 5 minutes!
  • What constitutes a property emergency?
    Any situation where the tenant's personal safety or personal belongings are in jeopardy, or if delays in response time could cause further damage to your property. As your property manager, we act as the 24/7 point of contact for tenants and can be reached day or night when emergencies arise.
  • How do you handle tenant maintenance requests?
    Our operations managers always work with the tenant to troubleshoot the situation, visiting the property to see if they can troubleshoot themselves, and ultimately escalate to a dedicated contractor partner, only when necessary. You do not incur any maintenance cost unless a dedicated contractor needs to get involved. We will keep you, as the property owner, informed the entire time.

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