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Project Management for Property Owners

We offer renovation management solutions for projects large and small, overseeing the entire project from the scope of work to project completion.

9% of total project budget

** Billed in real-time as contractors are paid and materials are purchased.


What Intrigue Project Management Offers.

What’s the difference between Repairs & Maintenance and Project Management?

Repairs & Maintenance includes any repairs (routine or tenant-requested) of properties that were originally leased in move-in-ready condition by Intrigue Property Management. Project Management includes any repairs or upgrades that need to occur prior to the property being deemed as move-in-ready for a future resident.

rental home repair and maintenance

Repairs & Maintenance

For our property management clients, we coordinate all repairs & maintenance using our qualified network of vendors.

determine value of rental property

Receive a Home Rental Analysis

Looking to purchase a rental property? Curious what a home you have under contract could rent for? Connect with our team of experienced property managers.

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