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Zero Maintenance Fee Property Management

We stand behind our transparent, straightforward pricing and high level of service we offer our property management clients. 

Stop letting your property management company profit every time there is a maintenance call. When you work with Intrigue for property management, maintenance is always treated as a pass through expense. We never charge to coordinate repairs on your property.

Did you know that many property management companies charge a maintenance fee that runs between 15-20% of the total costs of the maintenance just for overseeing its completion?

At Intrigue Property Management, we believe in offering our clients the highest level of service possible, without tacking on additional fees or surprise costs. After collecting multiple quotes, our team coordinates all preventative and tenant-requested maintenance that has been first been approved by you, the owner. 

No Additional Fees.

We coordinate all repairs and maintenance, using qualified vendors. Repairs & Maintenance is included in our Property Management service at no additional cost.

What’s the difference between Repairs & Maintenance and our Project Management service?

Repairs & Maintenance includes any repairs (routine or tenant-requested) of properties that were originally leased in move-in-ready condition by Intrigue Project Management. Project Management includes any repairs or upgrades that need to occur prior to the property being deemed as move-in-ready for a future resident.

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Stop letting your property management company profit every time there is a maintenance call.

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Tenant Screening & Leasing Service

At Intrigue Property Management, we utilize industry-leading leasing techniques, including a thorough screening and background check on each applicant.

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Free Rental Property Analysis

Interested in our Property Management & Leasing Services? Receive a free home rental property analysis to see what your property could rent for.

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